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  • (2013) Sjaak - Booty (prod. Phelix Hagan)

    Produced track #5 on Sjaak his 'Loco Mexicano' mixtape. Kraaitje Mayne introduced me to Sjaak in 2013, and took me to a studio in Kanaleneiland, Utrecht, where Sjaak and rapper Appa were present. Sjaak told me he used a beat I made and it was going to be on his tape, resulting in the song 'Booty'. The chorus was inspired by my old tag, saying "it's Phelix...".

  • (2014) Appa & Maikal X - Broertje (prod. Phelix Hagan)

    Having met Appa in 2013, a while later he texted me for beats. I sent him the beat which later became Broertje, which means 'Little Brother'. The song was a collaboration between Dutch record label Top Notch and Grolsch' new beer brand Kornuit. It was released in 2014 combined with a behind the scenes video. (

  • (2019) Sigou - Do L7mr (prod. Phelix Hagan)

    Before me and Sigou met, we already made a song, called 'Do L7mr', which means 'Red Light'. Summer 2019, I traveled to Morocco with New Culture, where I met Sigou. Traveling the whole country, we shot two videoclips (L'oseille and Sir T9owed.)

  • (2020) Mongoose - Frosty (ft. Phelix Hagan)

    'Frosty' is the third project after 'Crazy Jungle' of many by me and Mongoose. Also it's the first song where I'm featured on ever released. So this one was a pretty big one for me. Also we shot a music video with videography company Wescur which turned out amazing!

  • (2022) Rich Kenny - All I Know (prod. Phelix Hagan)

    In 2021 I met up with mixing/master engineer Gabz, and he introduced me to Rich Kenny. It was a great session with a very good energy. We kept on working and have made some dope songs so far already. 'All I Know' is the first of many to come!

  • (2023) Phelix Hagan - ECHO [EP]

    Mijn EP 'ECHO' gaat over life, en het is de samenvatting van mijn afgelopen jaar, die gaat over van een moeilijke start; alsof de vlam gedoofd is, naar een leerzaam en blessed eindstation; de vlam brand sterker dan ooit, maar je moet het zelf doen.

  • (2023) Phelix Hagan - TRILLING [EP]

    Trilling is mijn tweede EP.

  • (2023) Phelix Hagan - Niet Meer Stressen

    Niet Meer Stressen is de eerste single met producer Benjamin Beatz.